It is often convenient to combine tasks from different projects that share a particular aspect.

For example, location. There are tasks that can only be performed in the office, the garage or in a particular city. Or there are tasks that can be solved only when meeting with a particular person. Aspects like that are called Contexts. If you set a context for a task, it will appear on a dedicated context task list.

For example, here is how a “New York” context might look. Note that this list gathers tasks from different projects that can only be done in New York.

Also, contexts can be used as special tags. For example, you can create contexts like "Priority" or "Next Action" to mark particular tasks in projects. Feel free to experiment with contexts and organize your plans in the most convenient way.

Contexts are a great addition to the Daily Plan because instead of having all the important tasks in your task list for today, you can flexibly group them in aspect-related lists.