What is a project?

A project is a specific goal and the task list linked to it, which contains those actions that must be performed in order to achieve the desired result.

At the heart of effective planning is a simple principle; any task must move you closer to completing a particular goal or it shouldn’t even be on your list.

Therefore, the planning method of Chaos Control consists of three simple steps:

Step 1. Identify categories in which you want to achieve specific results. Examples of categories can be "Work," "Business," "Fitness and Training," and so on. To organize categories and subcategories in Chaos Control, we use folders.

Step 2. In each of the categories, define the desired results that are relevant to you at the moment. Each of these goals is the name of the corresponding project:

Please notice that you can customise projects' icons for better representation of your goals' types.

Step 3. For each project, make a list of specific tasks that need to be completed to move you forward towards your goal. It's no problem if you can’t do that immediately - you can edit your task lists at any time.

In the end, you get a clear and understandable structure of all your tasks, where each action is tied to a specific goal, and the goals are organised into categories.

After that, you can start planning the day and organising tasks by context.

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